Current Situation and Prospects of China's HJT Battery Industry Technology Development in 2023

Issuing time:2017-09-26 14:55

Since the development of photovoltaic cells, they have undergone three stages of technological iteration. The industrialization of N-type batteries was launched in the first year of 2022. Currently, the industry generally believes that N-type batteries have become the direction of the next technological iteration of photovoltaic batteries, but the branches of N-type batteries, such as HJT batteries and TOPCon batteries, have become a choice for the long-term development of photovoltaic battery companies.

Although the technology of photovoltaic cells has undergone continuous iterations, what remains unchanged is that the power generation efficiency and service life of cells are the core parameters of the value of photovoltaic modules. According to the prediction and analysis of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association in the "2021 China Photovoltaic Industry Development Roadmap", the average conversion efficiency of heterojunction batteries is expected to reach 26.0% by 2030, which will significantly exceed PERC batteries, while slightly higher than TOPcon batteries.

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