State Power Investment Yunnan International Party School hosted six national and industry standard

Issuing time:2017-09-26 14:54

A few days ago, six national and industrial standards review meetings, including the Technical Regulations on the Access of Photovoltaic Power Generating Stations to Electric Power Systems, organized by the China Electricity Enterprise Federation (hereinafter referred to as the "China Electricity Union") and hosted by the Yunnan International Branch of the State Power Investment Party School of the Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Yunnan International Party School"), were held in Tengchong, including from the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, various power generation groups, multiple provincial power research institutes, and Huawei More than 90 experts and scholars from relevant enterprises such as Sungrow Power attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed four national standards, namely, "Technical Regulations for Connecting Photovoltaic Power Generating Stations to Power Systems", "Technical Regulations for Connecting Photovoltaic Power Generating Systems to Distribution Networks", "Code for Construction of Photovoltaic Power Generating Stations", "Code for Construction Organization Design of Photovoltaic Power Generating Projects", and two industry standards, namely, "Technical Regulations for Basic Inspection and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Power Generating Stations", and "Technical Guidelines for Photovoltaic Power Generation Statistics".

The standards reviewed at the meeting serve as the core standards for grid connection of photovoltaic power generation and are matched with strong standards for power system safety and stability. The standard faces the current development situation of new energy, considers development needs, and puts forward clear requirements for grid connection performance of photovoltaic power generation from the perspective of source network coordination. The standard will support the construction of new power systems, ensure the safe, stable, and reliable power supply of the power system after large-scale photovoltaic power generation is connected to the grid, promote the healthy, orderly, and rapid development of photovoltaic power generation in China, and help achieve the dual carbon goal.

This review meeting is an important meeting hosted by Yunnan International Party School with the support of the Standardization Management Center of China Electricity Union, relying on the advantages of the photovoltaic industry of the State Power Investment Corporation and the leading position in the new energy industry. Since its inauguration, Yunnan International Party School has actively expanded its external market. It has signed cooperation agreements with China Electricity Union, Lance Mekong Center, Wuhan University, and Hehai University, and actively promoted the implementation and implementation of the agreements. By developing and maintaining external customers and providing excellent service, it has established a good reputation and reputation. For two consecutive years, it has hosted a number of important national and industry standard review meetings of China Electricity Union.

Source: State Power Investment Group Yunnan International Power Investment Co., Ltd

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