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Talent concept
Talent concept
Uphold the "respect people's value, development of people's potential, sublimation of people's mind" talent work purposes, the enterprise into an organization, in this organization, ordinary people into excellent people, excellent people To become extraordinary people, an endless stream of people here to realize their life dreams. To cultivate and create a talent team that wins the market, creates organizational advantages, is value-oriented, has a sense of mission and responsibility, and supports the realization of strategic goals is the enterprise's continuous talent pursuit.

Primary principlesprincipsinciples
Respect human values
Enterprises advocate that everyone is a talent. As long as they agree with the corporate philosophy, have professional spirit and professional quality, and can create performance, they can become talents of China Resources.

The enterprise advocates the joint growth of enterprise value and employee value. With the development of the enterprise, the employees also get the remuneration and position appropriate to their own efforts to realize the recognition of value It is necessary to make employees with China Resources work experience to generate corporate brand effect and have a higher market value. Develop human potential The enterprise sets the strategic height of talent development to dry, and constantly provides employees with learning opportunities, work opportunities, and opportunities to challenge themselves, which is the enterprise's respect for human beings and its kindness to the staffs Enterprises strive to optimize the mechanism of talent selection, training, use and retention, emphasizing the use of the business end oriented, scientific evaluation and selection of people, all-round and multi-level training of people, fully tap the potential of people and do their best
Lift people's hearts

Following the business philosophy of "people-oriented, population-driven growth, respect for human spirit and improvement of people's lives", all business activities of the company exist for people to live a better life. Through cultural training, value shaping, mechanism incentive, and work experience, China SeanRo aims to create a stimulating and growth atmosphere, and stimulate the staffs' dedication, sense of responsibility, and sense of mission to explore the meaning of work and life, dedicate to a higher level of spiritual sublimation, and realize the pursuit beyond personal interests.

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